Getinge launches new mobile OR table for all-around use – Maquet Lyra

Aug. 19, 2019

Getinge has announced the releases of its new the mobile operating room (OR) table, the Maquet Lyra, which offers the stability and functionality needed for almost all surgical disciplines says the company.

“This mobile OR table give surgeons the options they need,” said Dominik Birkner, Product Manager OR tables at Getinge. “It is designed for universal use and we made sure to make it comfortable to position patients for most types of surgical procedures. A stable and flexible table like this improves functionality and increases cost-effectiveness in the OR.”

By combining universal usage features with a broad range of accessories, Maquet Lyra is a practical table for all-around use. It features the same interfaces as past Getinge mobile OR tables and the compatibility with existing Getinge accessories ensures seamless integration into surgical suites.

“One of the factors specifically important for orthopedics is stability, since strong forces are being applied both to the patient and the table,” said Dominik Birkner. “Our Maquet Lyra has a solid base ensuring stability and safety for patients weighing up to 360 kg, and we have a very good and tight locking mechanism of all four castors on the table. It is also capable of a range of angles and tilts for cross-disciplinary flexibility.”

The special design of the castors allows the table to be used immediately, without being lowered onto a baseplate. The table brakes can be quickly and easily released via the foot pedal.

 “There are free-wheeling castors to ensure flexibility to move in both straight lines or laterally, making the table easy to transport and position,” Birkner added. “Fewer electrical components simplify maintenance for cost-effective long-term use. And the optional longitudinal shift brings increased access for the surgeon. Even in the unlikely event of a table software blackout, the patient remains secure and the table can be safely controlled. The override panel is hard-wired to a separate circuit, with no software in between.”