Curtain Care et al. is now HAIGuard

Aug. 27, 2019
Product portfolio offers more than just curtains

Curtain Care Plus, SteriTeam, and The Hand Shield will now move forward under the new name of HAIGuard, announced the company on a press announcement. The decision to merge brand identities was made to provide a wide range of products and services to the healthcare industry efficiently. Although services are performed through one central company, their separate market identities funneled clients to one brand or another, making intra-company brand referrals challenging.

“Our roots stem from providing specialty curtain solutions that helped hospitals reduce acquired infections while also improving patient experiences. The business evolved through acquisition and organic growth to the point of market saturation in NYC and the surrounding areas,” said John Mazzaccaro, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, HAIGuard.  “As we expanded further, our manufactured products and offered services did not always pertain to curtains. Our customers found this confusing. No one thinks of the curtain people when they need something like their kitchen equipment cleaned, so we had to come up with a different way to explain ourselves.”

Initially founded as Central Laundry Service in 1947, the company was rebranded in 2009 as Curtain Care Plus. The additions of SteriTeam and The Hand Shield as market brands soon followed. While each attracted its own customer base, crossover sales at times proved elusive.

“The new parent brand defines what we do, which is to help guard against hospital-acquired infections,” continued Mazzaccaro. “Our goal is exactly what our tagline says: defend, protect, prevent. That starts in the lobby then goes through the recovery room and all the way to the kitchen. Our products and solutions make a difference to your visitors, patients, and staff.”

HAIGuard provides a variety of products and services that range from custom manufactured curtains that inherently keep your patients and staff healthier to making great first impression as visitors enter your lobby. HAIGuard’s service programs are used by leading health systems throughout the Northeast. Service customers span from Massachusetts to Virginia and manufactured privacy solutions like the Hand Shield™ are used throughout the country. Recently, HAIGuard opened a new plant in Worchester, MA to expand their service territory to as far north as Maine.