Saluting SPD

March 23, 2021

In early March, the entertainment industry’s award season for movies, music and television shows is underway – from Golden Globes to Grammys to Oscars and Emmys.

Each institution honors one winner per category and recognizes a small number of finalists as nominees. Notice how there are no “losers.” While those performers who don’t “win” an award may be disappointed, they routinely consider it “an honor to be nominated.” They should, of course. And, in fact, whenever you hear, read or see their names mentioned anywhere the phrase “Golden Globe-, Grammy-, Oscar- or Emmy-nominated” appears beforehand or afterwards, in much the same way that people in healthcare list all of those certification acronyms and degrees after their names.

Healthcare Purchasing News started honoring Sterile Processing & Distribution (SPD) departments nearly 30 years ago in 1993. This year – next month, in fact – we’ll crown No. 28. Of that total I’ve had the privilege of interviewing and writing the profiles of all but six of the winners from the very beginning.

I read every nomination cover to cover.

One of the valuable attributes of these entertainment industry award shows is the mileage they derive from the pomp and pageantry of recognizing significant achievements – before, during and after the event.

HPN typically features the SPD Department of the Year in the May edition – at least for the last two decades or so.

The top team every year earns ample editorial coverage and exposure in print and online; occasionally, HPN will promote a facility worthy of honorable mention, too.

Taking a cue from the entertainment industry, HPN started listing all the finalists each year (going back to 2004), in addition to the winning team.

Starting this year, however, we decided to reveal the finalists a month ahead of announcing the winner. We feel it’s important that these teams are recognized, feted and celebrated for their contributions in powering patient care. Next month, one of these three will emerge as this year’s SPD Department of the Year:

• Lurie Children’s Hospital, Chicago

• Cone Health, Greensboro, NC

• Bayhealth, Dover, DE

This month, we hope these three teams consider it an honor to be nominated.

We respect and salute their achievements.

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Rick Dana Barlow | Senior Editor

Rick Dana Barlow is Senior Editor for Healthcare Purchasing News, an Endeavor Business Media publication. He can be reached at [email protected].