Sterilucent, Inc. announces clearance to market new low-temperature sterilization system

Oct. 3, 2019

Sterilucent, Inc. has announced that the company has received regulatory clearance to market the Sterilucent HC 80TT Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer with Cycle Guardian technology in the United States. Cycle Guardian technology includes:

·   Advanced and continuous critical parameter monitoring capability, which enables advanced dynamic sterilant delivery, confirms that the minimum required concentration of the sterilant is maintained, and optimizes the sterilant for each specific load in the chamber 

·   Enhanced and customized drying capability that results in fewer aborted cycles

·   Cycle-specific biological process challenge devices that provide appropriate independent validation of each sterilization cycle of the sterilizer

This new tabletop unit addresses troublesome challenges that can affect productivity, sterility assurance and drying efficacy when using this type of sterilization process.

“We are very excited to be offering healthcare providers several valuable innovations for their low-temperature sterilization needs,” said Chief Operating Officer Stephen Loes. “The HC 80TT sterilizer is capable of delivering real improvements in productivity and cost reduction, and offers functions and accessories designed to improve users’ confidence in the sterilization process. Moreover, early testing indicates that our dynamic sterilant delivery system helps prolong the useful life of moisture and heat-sensitive reusable devices.”

The Sterilucent HC 80TT sterilizer offers additional features/technologies that help reprocessing departments save cost and improve throughput, including:

·    A large capacity 83-liter chamber that accommodates a maximum load of 14.5 kg (31.9 lbs.) and allows more instruments to be processed per cycle.

·    The capability to reprocess two flexible scopes in a single Flexible Cycle.

Hospital sterile processing departments, outpatient centers and endoscopy suites will gain additional benefits from the HC 80TT sterilizer’s user-centric design. For example, the system is easy to load and has an intuitive touch-panel interface. An optional user tracking feature is available, facilitated by easy barcode data entry. All in all, the HC 80TT VHP sterilizer brings a new level of process assurance, reprocessing productivity and user convenience to low-temperature reprocessing