Cost-efficient sterilization with new steam sterilizer announced

Oct. 22, 2020

Medtech supplier Getinge presents the new steam sterilizer Solsus 66, reported the company. 

Sterilization plays a critical role in hospitals and a successful Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)_ requires efficient sterilizers with quality components. Built on robust technology, this sustainable and energy efficient sterilizer answers to the needs of hospitals looking for balance in capacity and cost-efficiency in the CSSD. 

“Especially now, when fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic, health care organizations are facing strong operational and financial challenges. Sterilization units have to reprocess surgical instruments in a flawless manner in order to manage an increasing backlog of surgeries. Solsus 66 was designed with these challenges in mind,” says Stéphane Le Roy, President Surgical Workflows at Getinge. “This sterilizer is a great concentrate of technological know-how by Getinge, with a real engineering focus on cost efficiency.” 

Solsus 66 can be used for general purpose steam sterilization of surgical instruments, textiles, and hospital utensils with a temperature range of 121°C to 134°C. 

 “Our new sterilizer complies with all relevant standards, and a pass-through design reduces the risk of cross-contamination between clean and soiled zones. The hygienic design is reliable and well-tested, built on Getinge’s many years of experience in the CSSD,” tells Karolina Olofsson, Product Manager Steam Sterilization at Getinge. 

It is part of Getinge’s environmental objectives to produce sterilizers with a low energy consumption and to reduce the impact on the climate. Solsus 66 is an example of how smart technology solutions are used to keep energy consumption low. Solsus 66’s optional ECO system goes one step further by reducing water requirements to the vacuum pump and separating waste-water from recyclable cooling water. 

Getinge has the release.