AAAHC opens applications for new Governance Units

July 11, 2019

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), an ambulatory healthcare accreditation organization, announced that it is seeking enthusiastic healthcare professionals to volunteer for its new committees, called Governance Units.

Supporting AAAHC’s 1095 Strong, quality everyday philosophy, the Governance Units will facilitate the improvement and growth of the association, advocate for patient safety, share innovative ideas and provide guidance and strategy on educational opportunities.

“Participation on AAAHC committees has been a career-enriching experience for me, and an opportunity to learn new leadership skills, network with colleagues across the industry, and help define higher standards for patient care, safety and quality in an area in which I am passionate,” said Arnaldo Valedon, MD, AAAHC Board Chair, in the statement.

The AAAHC says its structure leverages volunteer expertise and energy to promote opportunities for deeper engagement. Member volunteers can share their passion and insight, while advancing their profession.

Governance Unit members will be selected based on healthcare experience and a balance of perspectives to support the charge of the Governance Unit and AAAHC. To be eligible for the accreditation committee and accreditation work group appointments, members must be an AAAHC Surveyor in good standing and have completed at least 10 surveys within five years, including three as a chairperson, and have successfully completed one surveyor re-training program.

“The Governance Units will help AAAHC provide peer-reviewed, evidence-based standards that are facility-specific and advance the standards of care all 1,095 days of the accreditation terms,” said Noel Adachi, MBA, CEO of AAAHC in the statement. “Following our 1095 Strong, quality every day philosophy, committee members will help to drive excellence in the ambulatory healthcare industry.”

All Governance Unit volunteer terms are for one year, and members may serve up to eight years, not necessarily consecutive, on any given Governance Unit. Terms will begin on January 1 and will end on December 31.