Nova Biomedical simplifies electrolyte testing with the new prime ES Comp Plus electrolyte system

Oct. 4, 2019

Nova Biomedical announced the next addition to the Stat Profile product line with the Stat Profile Prime ES Comp Plus. Prime ES Comp Plus provides STAT electrolyte testing as well as optional serial batch testing on whole blood, serum, or plasma. Prime ES Comp Plus is an electrolyte analyzer that offers a complete electrolyte profile, including ionized magnesium. Ionized magnesium, along with ionized calcium, is an important electrolyte in maintaining strong and rhythmic cardiac function and vascular smooth muscle reactivity.

Prime ES Comp Plus's unique design utilizes maintenance-free cartridge technology, which consists of individual cartridges for sensors and calibrators. Each cartridge is ready to use and easily replaced in seconds. This design optimizes the life of each cartridge, improves analyzer uptime, and eliminates the maintenance, downtime, and inconsistent performance of older electrolyte systems.  

Nova’s innovative MicroSensor Card offers Na, K, Cl, iCa, iMg, pH, and Hct. Credit cardsized, the MicroSensor Card is automatically calibrated and always ready to deliver a complete electrolyte profile in about 60 seconds. MicroSensor cards can be replaced in less than half the time of older cartridge systems, which can take more than one hour to calibrate and can remain unstable with drift, frequent re-calibrations, and reduced throughput for even longer periods of time. Stat Profile Prime’s Clot Block sample flow path protects the MicroSensor Card from blockages and prolonged downtime caused by blood clots.