Women’s Health and Hospital Week

May 13, 2019

National Women’s Health Week and National Hospital Week kicked off on Sunday, May 12 and is celebrated through May 18. 

Increasing awareness and early treatment of heart disease, breast cancer, pregnancy related mortality, surprise medical billing, and opioid addiction, including a maternal opioid misuse model are some of the top priorities the Trump administration said it will address.

National Hospital Week 2019 celebrates “hope and healing, and the hospitals, health systems, and the women and men who support the health and well-being of their communities through dedication and care from the heart,” said the American Hospital Association.

Celebrating National Hospital Week provides an opportunity to thank all the dedicated individuals – physicians, nurses, therapists, engineers, food service workers, volunteers, administrators and so many more – for their contributions.

AHA encourages everyone to use the organizations 2019 National Hospital Week resources to help get the word out about National Hospital Week.