GHX assembles thought leaders to discuss pressing issues at the center of healthcare

Oct. 23, 2020

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) announced keynote speakers and session details for its GHX Summit LIVE event, the second part of its 2020 GHX Summit Digital Connect conference. 

Summit LIVE will take place from October 27–29 and will feature keynotes by GHX executives and recognized industry experts, virtual product meet ups, small group sessions on key industry topics, on-demand breakout sessions and 1:1 peer meetings. 

Conversations will focus on topics that are top of mind with healthcare stakeholders, including supply chain resiliency, innovation and collaboration, and diversity and inclusion. 

GHX Summit LIVE keynotes include GHX executives Bruce Johnson, CEO, Tina Murphy, Chief Commercial Officer, and Karen Conway, vice president of healthcare value, as well as Bradford Koles, executive director of the Advisory Board Company; Susan Dentzer, senior policy fellow of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy; Conrad Emmerich, senior vice president of Clinical and Support Services and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Wake Forest Baptist Health and senior vice president and Chief Purchasing Officer, Atrium Health; Mike Kauffman, CEO of Cardinal Health; and Simon Mulcahy, Chief Innovation Officer of Salesforce. Those interested in Summit LIVE can follow the digital conversation on Twitter using #GHXsummit20. 

Summit LIVE Keynote Sessions include: 

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, 12:00–12:50PM ET

“State of the Union 2020: The Resilient Healthcare System”

Bradford Koles will provide an objective analysis of the biggest trends and market forces impacting hospital and health system strategy. Attendees will learn how healthcare purchasers and policymakers are shifting their strategies as a result of COVID-19, how the pandemic is likely to impact provider consolidation and site-of-care shifts and how the delivery system will need to evolve to enable greater resilience in the future. 

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, 2:00–2:50PM ET

“A Brighter Future: Unlocking New Paradigms to Drive Value and Resiliency”

While it’s tempting to say the events of 2020 have altered the future of healthcare, the truth is more complex. In reality, the COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated fissures that we’ve struggled to address for too long and accelerated the deployment of some truly groundbreaking innovations. Bruce Johnson will interview veteran supply chain leader Conrad Emmerich about the path forward. The discussion will explore how well-deployed technology, a new emphasis on resiliency and a clearer definition of value can help the industry address top-of-mind challenges while unlocking new paradigms that avoid the pitfalls of the past.    

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020, 12:00–12:50PM ET

“Healthcare Without Walls: A Roadmap for Reinventing U.S. Health Care”

Susan Dentzer will share research on what it will take to achieve a ‘healthcare system without walls,’ whereby care is delivered beyond the hospital and, in many cases, virtually. Her presentation will be followed by a discussion with Karen Conway on how supply chains are already responding and what the future could hold in this dynamic environment. 

Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020, 12:00–12:50PM ET

“How Diversity Can Fully Unlock Healthcare’s Innovation Potential”

While there has been significant progress in addressing health inequities, COVID-19 intensely magnified the harsh reality that we still have a long way to go. Data has proven that disadvantaged and marginalized populations are at increased risk from the coronavirus, demanding we do more. We have an opportunity to catalyze long-lasting change and improve outcomes, but it requires us to embrace radically different ways of thinking and doing. Tina Murphy and Mike Kaufmann will explore the critical role diversity and inclusivity play in sparking innovation and collaboration. They will pull back the curtain on Cardinal Health’s approach and guide us toward how we can affect industrywide positive change. 

Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020, 2:00–2:50PM ET

“Leadership & Innovation for Healthcare to Lead Through the Pandemic”

COVID-19 has upended communities across the globe, and organizations are relying on new technologies like never before to continue serving customers in the “next normal.” There has never been a more urgent time to embrace change; this is especially true in the healthcare industry, which at-large is looking for new ways to continue serving communities and keeping people safe and healthy. Simon Mulcahy will cover the importance of embracing innovation to benefit organizations and patients and provide guidance on how business leaders can leverage technology to navigate today’s health crisis and emerge even stronger. 

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