IP Directors Summit brings together IP professionals and industry leaders for solution-based conversations

Sept. 17, 2021

The Infection Prevention Directors Summit was held this week in Tucson, Arizona. The Summit was attended by Infection Prevention Directors from hospitals around the U.S. and hosted by the Healthcare Purchasing News and the Endeavor Business Media Summit team. We want to thank the IP Directors who attended sharing their ideas, solutions and tips from their hospitals in numerous roundtable discussions and networking opportunities.

A special thanks also to the Summit sponsors this week who presented their Infection Prevention solutions and participated in multiple 1:1 meetings.

  • American Ultraviolet- Solutions for upper air disinfection for occupied spaces, mobile UVC solutions, fixed mounted packages, and UVC for heating and cooling systems. 
  • CenTrak- Infection tracking and reporting solutions for healthcare facilities.
  • Cepheid- 20 FDA-cleared tests diagnostic RT-PCR tests for improved clinical decision-making and patient care 
  • Contec Professional- Single-use cleaning products for effective cleaning and cost control. 
  • Cupron- Copper-based antimicrobial technology in textiles.
  • Ecolab Healthcare- Automated and validated  Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor biodecontamination technology. 
  • Eloquest Healthcare Inc.- Post-Op dressings with CHG that prevent HAIs. 
  • Healthmark Industries- Solutions and tools to manage reprocessing of surgical instruments in compliance of AAMI guidelines. 
  • HealthySole LLC- UV-C shoe sanitizing products in seconds. 
  • Kurin-  Technology that reduces contaminated blood cultures and false test results. 
  • Micro-Scientific- EPA registered surface disinfecting products and cleaning and care solutions for instrument processing. 
  • Nevoa- Hospital-grade surface disinfecting system approved for fogging EPA-registered Hypochlorous acid (HOCl). 
  • Roman Healthcare Group- Provides hospitals with qualified IP staff 
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products- Commercial cleaning solutions and microfiber products. 
  • R-Zero – UV-C infection prevention technologies proven to destroy surface and air pathogens in a 1000 sq. ft. room in 7 minutes.
  • SC Johnson Professional Healthcare - Tracking and monitoring technology, skin care, and cleaning programs. 
  • SteraMist by TOMI- BInary Ionization Technology (BIT) disinfecting room fogger.
  • Synexis LLC- Technology that continuously reduces pathogens in the air and on surfaces using Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) systems  
  • Teleflex Vascular- Products that prevent vascular access device (VAD)-related complications  and CLABSI. 
  • TG3 Electronics Inc.-  Cleanable keyboards that improve turnaround times. 
  • UV Angel- Air disinfection solutions for pathogen control and removal. 
  • UVDI- UVC robot room sanitizer that that removes 36 pathogens in minutes and provides verification of the cleaning process. 

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