Prodigo Solutions partners with Amazon, wins VA contract

July 23, 2019

Prodigo Solutions has teamed up with Amazon Business to automate B2B eCommerce transactions with trading partners through EDI and other electronic protocols. Through ProdigoXChange, a healthcare specific full-service exchange solution, providers will be able to integrate XML, cXML and EDI with Amazon Business. This will help customers reduce costs, enforce transaction compliance with negotiated prices, reduce manual processes, and improve visibility into supply chain performance.

ProdigoXchange automates B2B eCommerce transactions with trading partners by integrating the transaction flow between Providers and their trading partners. ProdigoXchange enforces transaction compliance with contracted prices while scoring overall vendor performance across the PO to Invoice lifecycle. Additionally, the tool helps teams see where the problems are, as they occur, so that they can efficiently take appropriate corrective action and reduce costly manual processes in supply chain and finance groups. In the U.S. Amazon Business currently serves more than half of the 100 biggest hospital systems.

Also, Prodigo announced that after an open and extensive competitive evaluation, the Veterans Health Administration (VA) has selected the company to be its supply and purchased services management platform. By helping the VA gain control over internal points of sale (POS), Prodigo says it will modernize VA requisitioning processes, drive contract compliance and accelerate data standards adoption, thereby improving medical outcomes for veterans. 

The VA’s procurement processes require modernization, said Prodigo, which it will improve. At the same time, the VA will gain strategic procurement controls and, an expedited path to data standards. Those controls and standards will serve to resolve long-standing performance bottlenecks. Prodigo says its virtual item master is one of the largest repositories of healthcare market data in the U.S.