GHX offers sourcing alternatives for critical supplies

March 24, 2020

In response to COVID-19, GHX and Lumere are providing resources online to help ensure that their customers receive access to the data and information needed to help maintain critical supplies to serve patients and protect staff.

In order to support the healthcare community with alternative source research efforts, GHX referenced McKinsey’s report, COVID-19 Crisis: US Healthcare Provider and Payer Preparedness a list of anticipated medical product shortages. Key data teams at both GHX and Lumere have identified multiple manufacturers and distributors that supply the items referenced in the McKinsey report and provided the following resources:

1. Reference list of vendors for critical supplies at risk of shortages, by product category download

2. Complimentary access is currently available through April 2020 to the Lumere evidence-based research on drugs and devices, including a quick reference list of COVID-19 related supplies with potential shortages.

The reference files provided represent SKU-level data for COVID-19 alternative supply categories, collected from GHX’s vast network of suppliers over the course of several years, and reviewed by GHX’s Content Operations team for completeness and standardization. While the majority of supplies within each file represent industry accepted substitutes, GHX has also included items which, based on a combination of UNSPSC and noun-type categorization, may serve a "comparable purpose" to help provider organizations identify potential alternatives to those supplies which are backordered across the U.S. Clinical experts at provider organizations and other users of this list are encouraged to consult this list to assist identifying supplies and potential substitutes that may be effective in managing this fluid situation.

Complimentary access to Lumere’s evidence-based research library of more than 34,000 drugs and devices is currently available through April 30, 2020, including a quick reference list of COVID-19-related supplies with potential shortages.

GHX has the announcement.

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