Vizient launches integrated solution to lower costs of physician preference items

Sept. 15, 2020

Vizient, Inc. introduced its Integrated Clinical Preference Solution, a new program to help hospitals achieve sustainable value on physician preference items (PPI) in key categories. 

Through a combination of expertise, technology and data, the solution enables supply chain leaders to build stronger alliances with physicians, service line leaders and key supplier partners allowing them to drive the organizational change required to reduce the total cost of care. The solution is designed to support organizations at every point along their journey to comprehensive category management. Through efficiencies gained from technology, organizations can reduce contract cycle time, access automated crowd sourced cross references, and monitor newly implemented pricing and rebates. 

“The Integrated Clinical Preference Solution connects the supply chain with experts that can help them align their goals with clinicians,” Debbie Schuhardt, Senior Principal said. “It allows supply chain professionals to have meaningful, engaging and informed conversations with physicians to identify opportunities for cost savings while ensuring clinicians have the items they need to care for their patients.” 

The Integrated Clinical Preference Solution brings together two of Vizient’s assets — a services-led approach based on deep subject matter expertise and analytics delivered through the technological power of aptitude, Vizient’s contracting platform. Vizient members who enroll in the new solution can expect: 

·       Clinical and market insight, including product category expertise and an experienced advisor in driving clinical alignment to support initiatives.

·        Enhanced value analysis engagement, including access to automated cross-referencing capabilities that allow key stakeholders to quickly identify alternate products and compare their attributes, while also infusing perspectives from across the country through crowd sourcing.

·        “Speed to value,” including reduction in contract cycle time, an automated request for proposal process, and scenario modeling.

·        Sustainable results, including utilization improvement, unwarranted variation reduction, price and rebate monitoring. 

“The further supply chain professionals can see ahead, the better they can execute,” said Bryan Grossman, VP and aptitude General Manager, Vizient. “Arming supply chain leaders with the tools and expertise required to engage physicians and leaders, such as actionable, reliable, and timely data and scenario modeling, places them at the center of driving the change required to improve both cost and clinical outcomes.” 

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