December 2020 Product Picks

Nov. 23, 2020

Remote patient observation recording  

The updated NUCLeUS medical imaging platform by Sony provides remote patient monitoring and observation of patients in ORs, ICUs, endoscopy suites, procedure rooms or other areas in hospitals. Developed in consultation with surgeons and with vendor neutrality in mind, NUCLeUS guides clinical staff through the planning, recording and sharing of video, still images and other patient-related data. Linking Sony and third-party devices, applications, video and people, the platform focuses on hospital staff requirements and use cases, improving imaging workflows. New features include: a mosaic video wall; an iPad Streaming function; high-quality 4K conversion; customizable expanded patient distraction; patient time-out; enhanced printing; and full compatibility with the latest Sony PTZ and fixed cameras.


Mobile healthcare member engagement

The new Zyter Member Engagement mobile application and member portal help healthcare plan members to more easily and efficiently manage their health and their plan remotely. With healthcare payer call centers overwhelmed with COVID-19, Zyter Member Engagement provides a self-service option for plan members to obtain the information they need, freeing resources for other tasks. HIPAA-compliant and supported by the Zyter Digital Health Platform, the app and portal provide fast responsiveness, a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation and customizable features, including: a personalized home screen; simplified access to healthcare information; secure, two-factor user authentication; and in-app plan changes and upgrades.


Cardiac ultrasound AI

The LVivo Cardiac ultrasound artificial intelligence (AI) Toolbox on the Exa Cardio PACS platform, through Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. and DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd., has expanded access for Exa users to monitor global heart function for COVID-19 patients on any workstation. Users will be able to perform automated and quantified analysis of the left ventricle to detect cardiac dysfunction in these patients in the echo lab and on the front line, as recommended by the American Socety of Echocardiography and the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging. With Exa’s Zero Footprint Universal Viewer and reporting system, the toolbox can help improve patient imaging workflow, minimize patient-staff contact and limit the risk of infection. Additionally, users may perform and bill for reimbursement for myocardial strain imaging when using LVivo Strain.