Getinge expands production capacity of DPTE-BetaBag to the US

Jan. 28, 2021

Getinge announced it is introducing production of the DPTE-BetaBag at its existing manufacturing site in Merrimack, NH, in the US. 

With the expansion, Getinge expects to double the production capacity of DPTE-BetaBag in order to meet the positive growth in the sterile transfer business, primarily driven by increased demand of vaccine production. 

Getinge is producing the DPTE-BetaBag in Vendôme, France, since 1998. Customer demand has increased during recent years and Getinge has decided to invest in its existing manufacturing site in Merrimack to meet the demand. The Merrimack site will mirror the current production set-up in Vendôme to ensure highest product quality and meet key customer demands. 

“With this expansion we will have a dual supply structure for DPTE-BetaBag, which is important to meet customer request for supply contingency”, says Harald Castler, Executive Vice President Life Science at Getinge. “With the investment in Merrimack we are looking at double the installed production capacity of DPTE-BetaBag”. 

The investment at the manufacturing site in Merrimack, will result in approximately 100 new job opportunities as well as an inhouse training center to ensure efficient and qualitative onboarding. The first production release is planned for the latter part of 2021, following process and customer product validations. 

Getinge has the release. 

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