The Last Mile: Strategic leadership development - lessons in readiness

Jan. 25, 2022

Please join us for a no-cost special presentation on Thursday, February 24, that will explore how we can prepare a readiness plan for critical disruptions. With another pandemic anticipated within the next decade, going back to the “old normal” is not an option. In the era of COVID-19, readiness across all sectors - especially healthcare - is critical.

This special presentation - The Last Mile: Strategic Leadership Development - Lessons in Readiness, will be presented by Raquel Bono, MD., MBA, FACS and Vice Admiral of the United States Navy Medical Corps (Ret.)  

Dr. Bono successfully consolidated the respective military health services under the Defense Health Agency (DHA), which advanced its readiness work. Dr. Bono will provide her perspective on opportunities for the civilian healthcare system, grounded in the military’s success. Anyone involved or interested in healthcare and emergency preparedness, especially involving collaboration by competing providers of care, will find her commentary both informative and actionable.  

The presentation is Co-presented by The Mckenna Foundation, Department Of Supply Chain Management And Caps Research, Arizona State University, as part of the 2022 Virtual McKenna Health Policy Lecture. The lecture is free thanks to the generosity of donors to the Mark McKenna Lecture Endowment. 

Register now for the lecture on Thursday, February 24, 12pm PT/3pm ET.