Vizient combining with PhaseHealth to launch real-time data solution

March 14, 2022

Vizient, Inc., announced in a press release, a strategic agreement with Phrase Health, a clinical process improvement analytics company, to offer quality improvement workflow and process solutions for improving patient outcomes.

The partnership provides a platform for Vizient’s Clinician Decision Analytics offering, which will enable Vizient member healthcare organizations to capture near real-time data from electronic health records and gain insights into clinician ordering practices.

“We are committed to strengthening Vizient members’ ability to access actionable insights to further align cost, quality and market performance,” said Shannon Sims, senior vice president, data operations for Vizient. “The partnership between Vizient and Phrase Health will enable members to gather insights from electronic health records systems in near real time, including clinical decisions associated with each patient encounter, so that they can quickly identify opportunities to reduce variation that can lead to lower costs and care improvement.”

Vizient’s Clinician Decision Analytics, a cloud-based platform, enables the identification of variation across medications, labs and other orders by linking them to order sets (a standardized set of items used to treat patients), departments, specialties and clinicians, and it enables review of order set utilization and the monitoring of adjustments. Combined with Vizient clinical consulting services and used alongside the Vizient Clinical Data Base, which provides patient-level data in quality outcomes, it will help health systems to develop targeted intervention approaches to ensure sustainability of quality improvement initiatives.

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