Sterile Processing Week gives tribute to silent heroes

Oct. 14, 2022

Sterile Processing Week, celebrated annually during the second week of October, is supported by International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) to honor Central Service/Sterile Processing (CS/SP) professionals across the country and the world.

Considered to be the heart of hospital operations, there are over 50,000 central service/sterile processing technicians in the US alone. These dedicated professionals work 24/7 to support hospital ORs, surgical centers, and clinics by processing thousands of surgical instruments and reusable devices daily to ensure safe, high-quality patient care.

Belimed recognizes the mission-critical role that these professionals play within the sterile processing department and we are honored to provide the equipment, consumables, and services that help them prevent healthcare-associated infections. Without proper decontamination, inspection, testing, sterilization, packaging, and distribution of surgical instruments, patients could be at risk.

In today’s healthcare environment there has never been a more important time to honor their continued training, leadership, and advocacy on behalf of the patients they serve.

Please join us this week, and year-round in recognizing, celebrating, and thanking these patient-care professionals responsible for front-line prevention and infection control.

Belimed release