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Supply Chain’s newest Elite weaving through consolidations, standardizations

Supply Chain Operations Worth Watching 2018: 11 organizations, spanning 10 states from the East Coast to the West Coast, join 78 other ongoing healthcare supply chain superstars profiled by HPN since 2011.

Strategic Value Analysis Planning must take root

An army wouldn’t go into battle without a plan that is highly organized, rational and flexible. So why would it be any different with a value analysis plan?

It’s time to clinically integrate supply chain into healthcare reform

The purchasing of healthcare products and services should be a fact-based, objective process that aligns clinical objectives with fiscal realities.

Physicians charting new course into managing supply decisions

HPN bestows its P.U.R.E. award on those physicians and surgeons who have made solid contributions to supply chain operations — activities, practices and thinking.

Capital gains from Supply Chain pains

When Supply Chain and those managing capital/facilities planning projects team up right from the get-go, the process runs rather smoothly. However, when they don’t, the challenges, hurdles and speed bumps ensue.

Going solo, not mano-y-mano

How can Supply Chain improve its reputation and status among capital/facilities planning groups without C-suite or vendor intervention so that it is invited to participate early enough in the process to make a difference for the healthcare organization?

The long tail of Supply Chain’s expense continuum

How you look at products, services and technologies’ utilization could be the difference between your organization continuing to be profitable in the new healthcare economy we all live and work in.

Care-based contracting should define Supply Chain activities

Supply Chain should be equipped to provide information that enable clinicians to make optimal supply-related decisions.

Be choosy when choosing new technology

Get expert tips and advice for selecting the right point-of-use instrument scanning technology for your operating room.

Risk vs. Reward

Don’t let a prefilled flush syringe be the weakest link in the protective chain of intravenous safety – evaluate closely.