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Value-based healthcare starts with standard definitions

Unlike San Francisco 49ers player Jim Marshall, who ran the wrong way in a game against the Vikings in 1964, we should all be running in the same direction and that starts with standard definitions and measurements.

Hospital M&A today: What we’re seeing, where we’re going

We are headed toward change. We see a future that brings more supply chain accountability on standardization, utilization, control over wasteful variance and broader dependence on data and more cooperation among clinicians.


What is it about group purchasing organizations (GPOs) that bothers some people so much?

Early collaboration reduces product variation

Clinicians, supply chain and other key players are focused more on what it takes to provide consistently high-quality care at a more affordable cost.

In pursuit of the Quadruple Aim

Achieving the Quadruple Aim requires decision making that is based primarily on the needs of patients and secondarily on the need of practitioners.

Holo-rific healthcare

Augmented and virtual reality is poking its way into the supply chain realm where high-tech toys can be useful tools for even low-tech product sourcing and seemingly rudimentary decisions.

Got Class(ification)?

From the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) to the United Nations Standard Product and Services Code (UNSPSC), there is certainly no shortage of systems, let alone acronyms, for classifications.

Supply Chain pros must master the fundamentals before they can play...

Alongside high-brow educational offerings that sport titles like “Value-based Selling in Action” and “Best Practices for Consolidated Service Centers” we need exposure to the basics – how to do them and know if you’re doing them well.

Healthy digitease

Amazon’s latest data mining endeavor signals slow progress, if not a work-in-progress.

How standards support the AI promise to revolutionize healthcare delivery

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are delineating the variation among patient populations — what makes them sick and what they need to be well — and driving a real revolution in healthcare delivery.