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Supply Chain and Pharma’s karma chameleon

From a functional supply chain perspective, Pharmacy and Supply Chain represent two sides of the same coin. Each can – and should – learn something from the other.

Pharmacy, Supply Chain should not drive in the fast lane to...

After more than four decades in pharmacy operations, Marv Feldman knows a thing or two about Pharmacy and its relationship with Supply Chain.

Looking backward

Rick Dana Barlow goes on a tangent with a random list of 40 things the healthcare supply chain industry has now that it didn’t have four decades ago.

Defining the skillset needed for Supply Chain leadership

This is what it requires to be a successful supply chain leader – do you have what it takes?

Making green the new standard

More sustainable procurement practices in healthcare can help reduce unnecessary purchases and lessen negative impacts on the environment.

15 tips to optimize capital equipment purchasing

Here are 15 tips to help healthcare equipment purchasers make smarter buys and adopt a more strategic process towards capital equipment planning.

Wanted: Supply Chain Procurement Manager

Adventist Health System is seeking qualified candidates for a Supply Chain Procurement Manager position that will be based in Altamonte Springs, FL.

Posted: 10/31/2017

Inclusion collusion

Industry experts suggest how to design kits and procedure trays to enhance and support clinical and workflow effectiveness and efficiency.

If you had a choice, would you choose people or programs?

Like all programs, healthcare information and technology need to be interpreted by a human

Title tussle

Rick Dana Barlow reflects on the evolution of healthcare supply chain trends, job titles, responsibilities and more over the last several decades.